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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Money Making Ideas[U will defineatly earn]

I am a Blogger
I am a programmer
I am a full time online earner

I have lots of plans which i cannot full full because of the time and so many projects so i thought of sharing each and every plan with you to let you all make money 
Ok You can ask whats the use from letting you earn for me?


1. I will do these for $100.00 virtapay equal 1 project  [I do these cuz you will then give your full power to this methods, if i do give these for free there will be no value in my effort]

2. I need to get more and more people to my web site I mean not only this but i have 100's of sites[Lol dont worry i wont ask you to join any of these]
3. I need to experiment , its like do or die. Some people will make money if they finds a master mentor who give them right path therefor i will.

I will 1st ask you what are your knowledge 
Then what are your talents
Then what are your resources [Like human support, or any other ]

According to your answer i will make projects for you and you will maintain the rest in peace and you will earn from it.....

I also give 25/7 support and technical support
I also provide domains like co.cc or if you want i can get domains for .com or any
I also provide hosting value $97.00 for year but for you free
I also do the installations and writing scripts 

All these are for free

Can you give me 5 stars so i can beat those foolish flaggers who flag real items to get there fake items front.....

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