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Monday, July 16, 2012

Give away $100vp

I will give $100vp for anyone who use our search engine as your home page and searching needs, we also give away real cash weekly and monthly. You can see the contests at our FB fan page. What you have to do is go to www.lkoogle.com and then use lkoogle.com as your home page and then in the bottom you will see Our fan page link.

Offer valid till sep 1st.
Please provide your vp username to send $100vp. This is not a scam we have done one give away before if you see our home page in this blog you will see there is a pay button which have given 800 5 stars

Those who give 5 stars will get $10 vp more

We pay $50 VirtaPay for Liking and commenting

Three Steps for $50 vp 

Step 1 :- Go to FB Fan Page Then click Like Button

Step 2:- In 1st post comment and leave this link there " http://www.lkoogle.com/"

Step 3:- Give 5 stars in virtapay and please leave your vp username in this blog

we give 50vp , we will give it instant if we are online when you visit this if not leave 24hours.

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