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Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Are you a affiliate of Clickbank ?
Are you a online worker?
Are you fail to make any money from the CLICKBANK products?
Still gonna try without a target?

Then I am Looking for You

Prior Knowledge You must have to join our team 

At least 1 blogspot blog
At least 1 month of experience as a affiliate in CLICKBANK
Good English writing skill
Good co-operation
Ability to follow directions 
Ability to work at least 1 hour a day from home

Job Salary

 It depends on how well you work on this
Could earn more than $1000 per month from CLICKBAK 

Help from us

We help you from the start, its not you its a team of 100 members so no worries.

Contact/ Apply Email

Apply via email with;

Your experience
If you have a blog then url
If you do not have a blog then you will need to learn from a-z(Mention it)

Or contact us through facebook ( After clicking the vp buy button you can go there)

Its no need to say give us 5 stars but to start our target we need to collect 100 team members as soon as possible.

Only 90 article marketers position available so act fast (e mail ) me to accept , Plz send you details too. No fee or investment
* At least 1 article per day you should submit
*Should be your own content
*2 links allowed in the article

*Try to comment on every other article written by others
*Try to bookmark & share in social medias

If all publish 1 article per day with 100 members 100 articles per day and 3100 articles per month.

With 100 members bookmarking (Could get more than 1000 views per article per day)

Members Benefit
1 article get more than 1000 views within hours after publish.

For 31 articles it will be more than 31,000 views

Out of 31,000 views 10% will click your link , therefor 3100 members visit your promoting product.
3100 x 0.01 x $20 = $620 min profit

Buy with VirtaPay

Buy with VirtaPay

Buy with VirtaPay

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Start selling Our eBook and make $21/sale

I made a eBook and willing to sell it on paydotcom and i need some affiliates to get it going.

My eBook is about "Step By Step Blogging Guide"

I am a blogger with 3 years of experience, and my eBook is a out come of my experience within this 3 years.

The ebook is image type guiding for better understanding for the buyer. I also did a market research about blogging guide eBooks for newbies but there were lesser number of eBooks with little guide, so i have made this book more advance than other eBooks plus There are over 6 million global searchers for "Step By Step Blogging Guide" i mean the all around searching.

Here is the price for the book : $30.00
Affiliates earn 70% through paydotcom also looking to merge with clickbank too.
I will provide banners and all other things with time .

If you sell 100 copies you get $2100
If you sell 1000 copies you get $21,000

We provide all the necessary gadgets and banners. And the payments are done from paypal or any other chosen service.

Please sign up

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100 sales = $100 bonus
1000 = $800
10,000 = $5000

Please sign up

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