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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Money Making Ideas[U will defineatly earn]

I am a Blogger
I am a programmer
I am a full time online earner

I have lots of plans which i cannot full full because of the time and so many projects so i thought of sharing each and every plan with you to let you all make money 
Ok You can ask whats the use from letting you earn for me?


1. I will do these for $100.00 virtapay equal 1 project  [I do these cuz you will then give your full power to this methods, if i do give these for free there will be no value in my effort]

2. I need to get more and more people to my web site I mean not only this but i have 100's of sites[Lol dont worry i wont ask you to join any of these]
3. I need to experiment , its like do or die. Some people will make money if they finds a master mentor who give them right path therefor i will.

I will 1st ask you what are your knowledge 
Then what are your talents
Then what are your resources [Like human support, or any other ]

According to your answer i will make projects for you and you will maintain the rest in peace and you will earn from it.....

I also give 25/7 support and technical support
I also provide domains like co.cc or if you want i can get domains for .com or any
I also provide hosting value $97.00 for year but for you free
I also do the installations and writing scripts 

All these are for free

Can you give me 5 stars so i can beat those foolish flaggers who flag real items to get there fake items front.....

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Are you a affiliate of Clickbank ?
Are you a online worker?
Are you fail to make any money from the CLICKBANK products?
Still gonna try without a target?

Then I am Looking for You

Prior Knowledge You must have to join our team 

At least 1 blogspot blog
At least 1 month of experience as a affiliate in CLICKBANK
Good English writing skill
Good co-operation
Ability to follow directions 
Ability to work at least 1 hour a day from home

Job Salary

 It depends on how well you work on this
Could earn more than $1000 per month from CLICKBAK 

Help from us

We help you from the start, its not you its a team of 100 members so no worries.

Contact/ Apply Email

Apply via email with;

Your experience
If you have a blog then url
If you do not have a blog then you will need to learn from a-z(Mention it)

Or contact us through facebook ( After clicking the vp buy button you can go there)

Its no need to say give us 5 stars but to start our target we need to collect 100 team members as soon as possible.

Only 90 article marketers position available so act fast (e mail ) me to accept , Plz send you details too. No fee or investment
* At least 1 article per day you should submit
*Should be your own content
*2 links allowed in the article

*Try to comment on every other article written by others
*Try to bookmark & share in social medias

If all publish 1 article per day with 100 members 100 articles per day and 3100 articles per month.

With 100 members bookmarking (Could get more than 1000 views per article per day)

Members Benefit
1 article get more than 1000 views within hours after publish.

For 31 articles it will be more than 31,000 views

Out of 31,000 views 10% will click your link , therefor 3100 members visit your promoting product.
3100 x 0.01 x $20 = $620 min profit

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Start selling Our eBook and make $21/sale

I made a eBook and willing to sell it on paydotcom and i need some affiliates to get it going.

My eBook is about "Step By Step Blogging Guide"

I am a blogger with 3 years of experience, and my eBook is a out come of my experience within this 3 years.

The ebook is image type guiding for better understanding for the buyer. I also did a market research about blogging guide eBooks for newbies but there were lesser number of eBooks with little guide, so i have made this book more advance than other eBooks plus There are over 6 million global searchers for "Step By Step Blogging Guide" i mean the all around searching.

Here is the price for the book : $30.00
Affiliates earn 70% through paydotcom also looking to merge with clickbank too.
I will provide banners and all other things with time .

If you sell 100 copies you get $2100
If you sell 1000 copies you get $21,000

We provide all the necessary gadgets and banners. And the payments are done from paypal or any other chosen service.

Please sign up

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100 sales = $100 bonus
1000 = $800
10,000 = $5000

Please sign up

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Monday, October 31, 2011

Starting Your Affiliate Mega-Business

Every super affiliate starts somewhere. Some of them started in the 1990s when
things were much easier and more experimental. Some of them started three months ago
and did everything right as they worked their way up. Whatever you attempt to do,
know that when you get started, you won’t make a fortune on day one. It will take
time to be successful. That’s exactly why I put the mindset chapter first. It’s that
important. This business can be extremely discouraging if you don’t already know
that it will take time and a bit of failure before something good happens.
But, when you’re ready to get started and have the confidence you need to invest
into the business, it is time to stop wondering what will happen and start pouring your
energy into getting something done.

The Money

Okay, I’ve been making you wait long enough. Let’s get into the thing you really want
to know. How much money can you make as a super affiliate? You already know
that there are millionaires out there, making massive fortunes doing this. But, what
does it take to do the same thing? Let’s take a look at a simple formula that most of
us use:

(Traffic) x (Conversion Rate ) x ($ per Customer) x (# of Transactions) = Payday

Yup, there is math, but don’t worry – it’s not nearly as complicated as it seems.
Basically, what you see above is a simplified version of everything we do. The
amount of traffic you get, the conversion rate of that traffic, the amount you can
make per customer and the number of transactions you pull off will equal your total
payday. This is actually a formula I found in a Brad Sugars book from a decade or so
ago, but it works well for just about any of us.

Here’s a simple example of a weight loss website:

· Traffic – 1,000 Hits Per Day
· Conversion Rate – 0.40% (1 in 250 customers buys something)
· $ per Customer - $22.50
· # of Transactions – 1.5 (The number is higher than 1 because you have an
email list that can upsell additional products to prospects later down the line)

Now, put all those numbers into a simple formula, and you get the following data:
1,000 x 0.40% x $22.50 x 1.5 = $135/day

Now, while that might seem very straightforward to most of you, the truth is that
many affiliate marketers forget the simple formula. They forget that they need traffic,
or they forget that the traffic needs to convert, or they forget that they can actually
get more than 1 transaction per customer with an email list. Your goal, and what we’ll
work on in the coming pages, is to develop a strategy that allows you to focus on all
four factors simultaneously, keeping balance in your websites at all times. That
balance will be crucial to your bottom line and is what will push you over just about
every other marketer out there (yes, many people do neglect this formula,
surprisingly enough).

And if you’re looking at the sample numbers up there right now and saying "I really
have to get 1,000 people a day to make just $135 a day,” stop and think about it for
just one moment. Consider this. Not only is a 0.40% conversion rate moderate to low
at best, you can have far more than 1 website building those traffic numbers.
In fact, you should count on it. If you build only one website, you’ll never be a super
affiliate. You might eventually snag that traffic, but you’ll never be the top level
marketer you’re aiming to be. Consider what happens if you have 20 websites with
50 hits a day – it’s the same effect, and then there is something to work toward in
increasing your traffic numbers. Yes, this is doable, and yes it will make you a lot of

Another note I want to make is that your pages will not all convert at the same rate.
Some conversions are much higher (as we’ll discuss soon), and some lower. It
depends on the keyword you’ve optimized for, who you’re targeting and how eager
your audience is to make a purchase. All of these are factors you must consider
before making assumptions about how effective a site is.

Did you like it? Give me 5 stars If

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Before starting your money making journey read this articles about: Failures who change there destiny and Succeeds the online.

I am posting these articles written by others who failed before and because of there "never give-up mind" succeeds online marketing now

Article Number 1.

Feel Like A Failure? Here’s Why That’s Awesome. Written by: Guest Author, Marie Forleo

How to make your 1st test Blog

Sources you need

  • blogspot.com blog
  • English talent to read
  • Ability to understand
  • Ability to fallow direction

1st Step :- Click here 1st 

2nd Step:-If you already have a Gmail or Google Groups or Orkut account then first you have to signin
               by clicking at “Sign in First” link. Then you will be presented Google account signing in page.
               Sign in to Google account by typing in there your Id and Password.

How to make your 1st money making blog - The Mother Blog

 Make a Blog
Method:- Go to http://www.blogger.com and do what they say. Opening a blog is free.

Note that :-

  • Choose a good title to your blog.
  • Write a good description to your blog.
  •  Use a small name to the link. (Ex:- me.blogspot.com,revolve.blogspot.com, justearn2day.blogspot.com)
Ok if you are done lets move to the next step.

Content (about what to post and what to not post)

Method :-
  • Create Genuine Topics like :- War, Stock, Anime, Jobs, Travel, Business or anything you feels your own.
  • Dont post buying stuff till your blog gets atleast 10,000 visitors per month after several months.
  • Keep posting some article about your selected topic. I recommend post atleast 10 articles per week.
  • Keep posting because this is your mother blog and the source for a huge number of income gate way.
  • Submit your blog URL to search engines. Go to http://justearn2day.blogspot.com/2011/06/submit-your-website-search-engines-and.html  and keep submitting your mother blog url to all of those web sites mention in above url.
  • Wait till you get 1000 google and bing Search engine traffic nothing else, it must be from Google and Bing. After you get your 1st 1000 search engine visitors please leave a comment here, so that i can tell you what to do next. Like Advertising places which suit your blog best, adsense or adsense alternatives for advertising media on your blog which pay you money when some one else click one of those ads.
Do each steps to the point and to a target.

Happy Blogging.

How to drive traffic to your blog

There are many methods for drive some good traffic but you need pure human traffic, and when it comes for pure traffic its all about search engines.

But talking about search engine traffic, i must explain you in deep details about "Search engine optimization" aka "SEO". That i will do in a another time. Because when talking about SEO works its a huge field and its too early for y'all to come to SEO at this point.

Therefor Here are some good ways to drive some traffic to your blog for the time been.

How to make Mass number of blogs for various topics.

One of the things I get asked a lot is where to begin as an affiliate marketer.

It can all be so overwhelming. There are so many different ways to get traffic, build sites, and pick products to promote (these are the three components of any affiliate marketing effort). In addition, some of these traffic and site building options can be expensive and highly technical, requiring a lot of training and expertise.

My goal in this post is to highlight a way to get started as an affiliate that’s relatively easy, risk-free, zero cost, has a great chance to make your first money online, and doesn’t require any technical knowledge or experience.

6 Usefull Gadgets you need to have a successful blog

  1. Facebook Fan page
  2. Facebook like button for every post
  3. Facebook comment widget for every post
  4. Social media bookmarking button from www.addtoany.com
  5. Twitter followers showing button
  6. Blog rss feed readers button.
I will post how to make these buttons and widgets later after about 1 month from now. But you can always find information about these at my blog www.justearn2day.blogspot.com