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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Start selling Our eBook and make $21/sale

I made a eBook and willing to sell it on paydotcom and i need some affiliates to get it going.

My eBook is about "Step By Step Blogging Guide"

I am a blogger with 3 years of experience, and my eBook is a out come of my experience within this 3 years.

The ebook is image type guiding for better understanding for the buyer. I also did a market research about blogging guide eBooks for newbies but there were lesser number of eBooks with little guide, so i have made this book more advance than other eBooks plus There are over 6 million global searchers for "Step By Step Blogging Guide" i mean the all around searching.

Here is the price for the book : $30.00
Affiliates earn 70% through paydotcom also looking to merge with clickbank too.
I will provide banners and all other things with time .

If you sell 100 copies you get $2100
If you sell 1000 copies you get $21,000

We provide all the necessary gadgets and banners. And the payments are done from paypal or any other chosen service.

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100 sales = $100 bonus
1000 = $800
10,000 = $5000

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