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Sunday, November 25, 2012

We need eBay sellers


Work for the Industry Leader
We need an Ebay Seller who has good feedback on eBay capable of listings our products on eBay.com
We are looking for productive sellers with outstanding accounts to add to our team.
We are here to look for reliable business relationship and will take good care for every new seller.
- You must have at least 90% positive feedback.
- Your account must not have any selling limits.
- You must have a verified Pay Pal account.
- You should have the time in the day to answer customer questions, list items and create sales reports.
- You should be experienced in selling; I will provide listing descriptions, images etc.; I will answer your questions but you must be able to follow simple directions and think for yourself.
- You must be able to speak good English.
- Auctions will be BIN (Buy-it Now)
- Shipping is free.
- Items will be shipped once I receive payment and tracking numbers will be provided with all items.
- Support questions will be forwarded to me and I will write the reply to send.
This is a simple job: we need eBay sellers who are able to list items that we have. We will handle all the item creation and shipping to the customer, all you need to do is send us customer reports and you will get paid!
I want to clarify, this job will not make you super rich, but is an easy reliable long-term side job. It will take less than 60 minutes a day, and you can expect to earn about $1000-$2000 USD a week. These are real numbers the key to earn this money is good communication and you must follow directions.
Job Information:
There are 3 main aspects to this job:
1) I will provide all the listing information to you (listing title, item description, item images, etc), but you will have to actually put up the listings yourself.
2) You will also have to answer customer questions. I will assist by giving you a list of FAQs, and help answer questions that you cannot answer.
3) The final aspect is that every day you will send me an “order report” of the items sold, and the customer shipping information. I will handle all the bulky item creation and shipping work, shipping directly to the customer and taking care of all of that for you. You will not have to do any work with physical items or inventory.
You should already have an ebay seller account. It will also greatly help if you are already selling items and have an eBay store, or have a history of selling items on eBay.
Job requirements:
- You should have an ebay selling account with at least 20 positive feedback.
- Your eBay account should be at least 6 months old.
- Your PayPal account must be unlimited and verified, and should have been used often for transactions in the past so that payments do not get held.
- You should be able to list around 500-1000 items, mostly BIN (Buy-it-now) items.
- You must be able to speak English well.
- You should be able to use excel to compile basic “order reports” on customers. I will provide the excel template.
If you meet all the requirements, please contact me and provide your eBay user ID.
If accepted, I will send you an information PDF with more information on how exactly the whole process will work.
If you have any questions on this job, please feel free to ask. I am looking to find long-term business partners and provide them with reliable support and sales. I know that if you follow the instructions on listing these items, together we will successfully be able to sell them for a very long time!

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