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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How to make your 1st money making blog - The Mother Blog

 Make a Blog
Method:- Go to http://www.blogger.com and do what they say. Opening a blog is free.

Note that :-

  • Choose a good title to your blog.
  • Write a good description to your blog.
  •  Use a small name to the link. (Ex:- me.blogspot.com,revolve.blogspot.com, justearn2day.blogspot.com)
Ok if you are done lets move to the next step.

Content (about what to post and what to not post)

Method :-
  • Create Genuine Topics like :- War, Stock, Anime, Jobs, Travel, Business or anything you feels your own.
  • Dont post buying stuff till your blog gets atleast 10,000 visitors per month after several months.
  • Keep posting some article about your selected topic. I recommend post atleast 10 articles per week.
  • Keep posting because this is your mother blog and the source for a huge number of income gate way.
  • Submit your blog URL to search engines. Go to http://justearn2day.blogspot.com/2011/06/submit-your-website-search-engines-and.html  and keep submitting your mother blog url to all of those web sites mention in above url.
  • Wait till you get 1000 google and bing Search engine traffic nothing else, it must be from Google and Bing. After you get your 1st 1000 search engine visitors please leave a comment here, so that i can tell you what to do next. Like Advertising places which suit your blog best, adsense or adsense alternatives for advertising media on your blog which pay you money when some one else click one of those ads.
Do each steps to the point and to a target.

Happy Blogging.

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