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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How to make your 1st test Blog

Sources you need

  • blogspot.com blog
  • English talent to read
  • Ability to understand
  • Ability to fallow direction

1st Step :- Click here 1st 

2nd Step:-If you already have a Gmail or Google Groups or Orkut account then first you have to signin
               by clicking at “Sign in First” link. Then you will be presented Google account signing in page.
               Sign in to Google account by typing in there your Id and Password.

3rd Step :-Name your blog 
  • Choose a Blog title
  • Blog address (URL) : just use a simple one because this is your 1st blog and a test drive.
  • Word Verification.

4th Step:- Choose a template <----use the simple view template for the starting test.

If you don’t have a Google account then you have to create one. For this you have to fill the form as shown above type in your Email address. You must have an email address then Enter a password and Retype your password. Your password must be at least 6 characters long. Password and Retype password must be same. Now type in your Display name. This name will be used as a signature of post. Type in Verification word in the given text box. Then read the terms of service by clicking “Terms Of Service” link. If you agree with the terms of service then check the “I accept terms of service” check box. Then click “Continue” button to continue the blog creation process.
Post what you like in ( Posting > New Post ) page, write any thing, just to test how is all these stuff going so do what you like. Just take time and understand the blogspot blogging system thats why i made this article for you.

Dont worry i will later explain you each and every process in blogging, until that take your time and just comb the whole blogging system in www.blogger.com.

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